About Us

 We provide beauty safely

Our History

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Elsa Ximena Ávila Ferreira, who over the years and with the experiences and knowledge acquired during her professional life as a surgeon, plastic surgeon, biological medicine and public health, medicine for the public sector has I have been transmitting and expressing the guidelines for the provision of specialized services in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
These services are developed in the office of Dr. Ximena Ávila Ferreira with the support of her group of surgical assistants, plastic surgeons members of the Colombian society of plastic surgery and entities such as the Santa Fe, Country Clinic Foundation, La Colina Clinic and Cirulaser , among others.

Our Achievements

The services have been expanded for the benefit of our patients, achieving their satisfaction, which has made our name and recognition grow due to the work carried out professionally.

Have participated in the creation of public policies in our country, which have had a favorable impact on the health of society and therefore on our patients.

Our Vision

Since our foundation and to date, services have been provided for the public of Bogotá D.C and the country. In recent years, requests have been received to provide the services of the office internationally.
We are focused on offering specialized plastic surgery services to the public in neighboring countries and the United States. By 2026, we estimate to serve and provide our services to 20 or more international patients each year and thus expand coverage.

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